Our EdCamp Faculty Meeting

Today our high school is having a faculty meeting after school; however, we are remixing the standard faculty meeting and using the Edcampmodel. The design and setup are fairly simple. The one change we made to the Edcamp model was that we used a web-based tool called “Padlet” to replace the standard Edcamp session wall.

Grafton high school assistant principal, Jon Kelly and I planned this PD and wanted to share our experience in planning, follow through, and the outcomes. In short, we created a padlet wall for staff to post their session ideas or questions as well as crafted an email briefly explaining what the Edcamp model is and how our day would function. We gave staff roughly a week to post to the padlet wall and then followed up with a reminder. Currently we have 13 posted sessions.


Below is a sample of the email we shared with staff to start planning the event.

For the professional development day next Monday, we are going to use a more collaborative approach called the EdCamp model.  EdCamps are non-traditional in nature and develop from the interest and needs of those participating.  Instead of one person standing in front of the room talking for an hour, you will be encouraged to have discussions and attend hands-on sessions created by you.

To help us better facilitate the Tech Session we have created a Padlet Wall where topics will be posted. Clicking on this link to the padlet  will allow all participants to sign up to lead a session or a conversation around an instructional practice or a technology tool. Session leaders don’t need to have a formal presentation prepared, but simply share an example or facilitate a conversation. If you did not sign up to lead a session you can simply find a session that appeals to you and visit that room.

At the end of the session, we’ll send out a form to assess the model for PD and ask all to share one takeaway from the day.

At the end of the PD, we will be sharing a Google form with staff to asses their experience as well as share one takeaway from the PD. I highly suggest coordinating a few professional development days or faculty meetings like this. It’s a great way to see what staff is interested in as well as design professional development that is purposeful and provides participants time to work with others on a common subject.