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  • Open The Future

    It’s rather difficult these days not to trip over the word innovation within the educational ecosystem. The word is embedded in job titles, books, academic courses, etc. Innovation is shiny, eye catching, and looks great on a resume. It signals to a greater audience that you are doing something unique, that has never been done […]

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  • It’s Zac Chase Day

    Today is officially Zac Chase day. Celebrate with your friends, exchange pleasantries, grab your favorite bowtie, and ask questions! Today is Zac Chase’s last day at the Office of Educational Technology. It is a bittersweet day as we will all miss Zac greatly, but we are excited to see him take on a new challenge […]

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  • Thank you

    First grade is the earliest year of school I can recall in vivid detail. If you’d ever like to hear my first grade stories, be sure to check out my upcoming podcast (maybe). This was the year first year we had to wear our catholic school uniform, the first year where we had desks instead […]

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  • EdCamp Grafton

    EdCamp is the best thing to happen to professional learning since the spoken word. Period. Yesterday, March 21, 2015, this was evident at Grafton High School in Grafton, MA. EdCamp Grafton opened their doors at 8:00 am Saturday morning and by 8:30, our commons area was bustling with conversation. Educators from all over the New […]