Andrew Marcinek has experience in combining technology and education spanning several years inside and outside of the classroom. Most recently he assumed the duties of Director of Technology at Grafton Public Schools.

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Speaking engagements

If you are interested in having me or our team of educator and IT Professionals, EducatorU, run professional development for your district, school, or organization, please fill out the following form below or visit educatoru.org for more information.

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A list of my publications beyond this blog. I currently write at Edutopia monthly and have blogged for several other educational journals including The Journal, EdWeek, and Corwin Press. I will keep this updated as new pieces post live.

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Instructional Design and Technology

Roughly ten years ago I had the opportunity to teach in a classroom that received a grant titled “Classrooms for the future”. The problem was, despite added pieces of hardware and software to my classroom, this was not the future. Nor would this be the classroom that students ten years later would experience. The same

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Why Digital Learning Day is like Valentine’s Day

Digital learning day is like Valentine’s Day: Forcing attention to something that should be naturally occurring. Designing a day in which we champion devices and applications that digitally and virtually connect us in 2015 is the equivalent to feeling the pressure to by someone special roses on February 14th. I don’t mean to sound cynical

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My publication date

Last evening I was walking around Coolidge Corner, just outside of Boston in Brookline, MA, and stumbled upon Brookline Booksmith. I had just purchased a cup of evening hour caffeine and decided to have a look inside Brookline Booksmith. Any other time of year this would have simply been walking into a bookstore and looking

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My airport moment

The more I travel and spend time in airports and train stations, the more I realize humanity’s desire to connect. What I noticed while waiting for my ride after my flight were hugs, longing looks, smiles, and tears. I heard future plans being mentioned and, “we’ll see you next summer, same time”. In essence, I

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